Compostable dog waste bags on the East Frisian island of Langeoog


Langeoog is a family-friendly island off the German coast and is one of the East Frisian Islands. Since dogs are becoming a loyal companion for more and more families, many families travel with one of their four-legged friends, explains Ms. Eckhardt from the Tourism Service.

Dispensers for free dog waste bags are distributed throughout the island to enable dog owners to dispose of their dog’s waste. The dog waste bag dispensers were filled with plastic bags, unfortunately this was not an environmentally friendly solution. In order to counteract this problem, the island’s tourism service has set itself the goal of using sustainable dog waste bags from now on.

This is possible with our compostable dog waste bags. The bags are made from waste products from the food industry and decompose within a year. From now on on Langeoog the motto is: go for a walk without feeling guilty because the dog waste bag is biodegradable. Do you also want to change something? We are happy to help
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The benefits of our compostable dog poop bags
– Bags of dog waste can be disposed of sustainably and do not pollute the environment
– No genetically modified material is used
– Made from food industry waste products
– Biologically degraded after just one year
– All outer packaging is also biodegradable including the adhesive tape
– Produced in Germany, which results in particularly short transport routes

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