Terms of service

terms of service
jonatura GmbH

1.§ General scope

The offers of jonatura GmbH are aimed exclusively at traders, e.g.
Crafts, industry, self-employed, sole trader and trade. Different conditions
of the customer, which we do not expressly recognize in writing, are non-binding for us,
even if we do not expressly contradict them. Hereby the inclusion of
contradicted own conditions of the customer, unless it is something else in writing

1. § Contracts & pricing

(1) All submitted offers are subject to change. Our prices are net prices in EUR,
plus the VAT applicable on the day of delivery. Continue to understand each other
our prices for delivery ex works excluding packaging and transport, as well as without
Training of operating personnel, initial commissioning, installation and assembly costs
Machinery. We reserve the right to increase our prices to the extent that we do
generally raise our prices. Correct and timely self-supply remains
Reserved. Decorative materials shown are not included in the price. The prices of the as
Special offers marked or reduced items are not with other discounts
or customer-related price agreements can be combined. Description errors
and prices reserved. Our price calculations are generally subject to the bull market and bear market clause, i.e. should e.g. after the contract is concluded, the raw material prices by more
We reserve the right to increase the sales prices as 0.10 € / kg, in consultation with you
adapt. Any changes or assurances of performance and
Product features and the cancellation of the contract require a separate
written agreement. Calculation of pro rata manufacturing costs for
Production resources (clichés, tools, etc.) are dependent on the goods to be delivered
shown separately in the invoice. Should there be a suspension - termination of the
Cooperation between customer and jonatura GmbH come (during the
Production time of the means of production or preliminary products), are those that have arisen up to that point
Manufacturing costs charged to the customer. Further claims of the
The supplier remains unaffected.
(2) All information on physical machine and packaging material properties
as well as parameters, in particular regarding quality, thickness or dimensions, technical details
(Output quantity, performance, etc.) according to the offer are only for reference and
Understand suggestions for experience, for the correctness of which we cannot guarantee.
The data listed in brochures, offers, websites, demonstration machines,
Descriptions, price lists and recommendations give the best available
Realizations again. They are not to be understood as guaranteed properties.
Claims can not be derived from them. Deviations for the sake of Product improvements are reserved

2. § Shipping conditions for transport packaging –

(1) The delivery to the customer takes place ex works, plus postage, freight, possibly packaging

and insurance. Jonatura GmbH is entitled, without additional costs for the buyer,
To make partial deliveries. The determination of the type of packaging, the shipping method,
as well as the shipping route is entirely up to us. The liability at
freight-free delivery or third-party deliveries will be accepted by the client as soon as the
Goods have been handed over to the person carrying out the transport or in which the goods
has left our factory for dispatch. Furthermore, the liability for danger goes to
Client about when the goods are ready for dispatch and because of reasons we
not responsible, delayed. All of our prices do not include any
Disposal costs in accordance with the 5th amendment to the Packaging Ordinance. A return of the
Used transport packaging must first have additional costs and conditions
be coordinated with us.
(2) At the customer's request, transport insurance for the
Broadcast completed.

3. § Delivery terms and dates

(1) Promised or confirmed delivery dates are basically approximate - non-binding.
We will comply with them where possible, with the exception that they will
expressly confirmed by us in writing as a fixed date. Our confirmed delivery dates
are always outgoing appointments. In the event of force majeure such as Truck lock,
Weather conditions, strikes, shortage of raw materials, unpredictable malfunction,
non-faultless inability on our side or one of our upstream suppliers
agreed delivery times are extended by the respective duration of the hindrance. Therefore
we reserve the right that there may be delays in delivery in exceptional cases
could. In important cases, such disabilities will be made available to the customer as soon as possible

(2) We reserve the right to make partial deliveries as well as insignificant deviations
of the sample, in terms of color, texture, weight and thickness as permitted
consider. All deliveries that are manufactured or printed must be with any
Quantity deviations are also taken over by the customer. At a
Acceptance below 15,000 pieces +/- 30%, 15,001-30,000 pieces +/- 20% and over 30,000
Pieces +/- 10%. This claim also applies to manufactured roll goods, here
we reserve the right to over or under deliver 10%.

(3) Delivery times begin with the date of the order confirmation, but not before all
Performance requirements to be created by the customer exist, in particular not before
Teaching the technical requirements to be procured by the customer, packing samples,
Test materials, and approvals as well as before receipt of down payments, which
are due as agreed upon receipt of the order.
Additional conditions for machine installation, deadlines and performance of the customer

(1) The packaging machines to be supplied by us are set up at risk and
Cost of the customer. All expenses incurred by us for travel and travel expenses
Waiting time, overtime, work on Sundays and public holidays are to be reimbursed by the customer.

not the case if we have expressly provided a package price offer in writing.
The customer is responsible for ensuring that the assembly personnel are supported

(2) The customer undertakes, if required, technical support and assistance (e.g.
Forklifts, electricians, specialist personnel for the required assembly time) at his own cost
To provide the loading and transportation of the machines within the company
guarantee, as well as to provide packing samples and consumables.

(3) If the customer does not perform, we are entitled to the
to invoice additional costs incurred. Here remain our legal
Rights and claims unaffected.

(4) If assembly periods are stipulated in writing, the customer must ensure that
that these are adhered to. The assembly deadline is met on our part if up to
the packaging machine supplied by us is ready for operation. Liability at
Delay only exists if there is evidence of negligence or intent. Also apply
our terms and conditions.

4. § Terms of payment

(1) jonatura GmbH reserves the right to determine the type of payment. For
Deliveries within Germany, the seller offers the following payment options

1. Prepayment / advance payments by bank transfer (If prepayment has been agreed, the payment is
due immediately after conclusion of contract.)
2. Delivery on account
3. Cash payment upon collection
4. Direct debit
A payment is only considered to have been made when we can finally dispose of the amount.
In the case of any check and direct debit payments, the payment is only final
Effect on our account.
(2) jonatura GmbH is not obliged to accept checks. A possible
Acceptance is always only on account of payment. Additional costs associated with this go to
Customer charges and are due immediately. Furthermore, we accept no liability for the
timely submission or protest.
(3) If the goods that have been received are not paid, the customer will have 30 days to go
Delivery in direct delay. In the event of late payment, we are entitled to interest on late payment
Amount of 3% above the respective Bundesbank discount rate. The interest rates are
Set higher or lower if we have a burden with a higher interest rate
or the customer can demonstrate a lower burden. The supplier has off
The goods are delivered to the purchaser despite inexplicable reasons
obliged to make payment for the undisputedly error-free portion. Furthermore, the
Buyer only with legally established or undisputed counterclaims
offset. The customer also has no rights because of disputed counterclaims
Right of retention too.
(4) jonatura GmbH reserves the right, depending on the result of a
Credit check to refuse the customer the payment method "delivery on account".
(5) In the case of collection by the supplier, the supplier first informs the customer that the
the goods ordered are ready for collection. After receiving this message, the buyer can
the goods during the seller's shipping opening hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Clock and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.) in the seller's dispatch. In this case
no shipping costs will be charged.

5. § Delay in acceptance

(1) jonatura GmbH reserves the right to enter into a contract between the supplier
and orderer to withdraw if the orderer expires after a
reasonable time of at least 2 (two) weeks for the acceptance of the ordered by him
Product refused or expressly declared beforehand not to want to accept it. The
The resulting damage is passed on to the customer at the full amount of the contract.
Furthermore, the customer has proof of less damage, but we do
Subject to proof of higher damage.

6. § Retention of title

(1) All goods delivered by jonatura GmbH remain until complete fulfillment
all liabilities from the business relationship including those arising in the future
Claims our property. Regarding check payments and direct debit requests
our claims are only fulfilled when the corresponding amount is in our account
is finally credited and no more counterclaims against us
come. The place of jurisdiction for delivery and payment in Germany is the registered office of
Arnsberg District Court agreed.
(2) If the claims represent the value of our existing collateral for us
We are at the request of the customer to exceed total claims by more than 10%
insofar obliged to release fuses of our choice. The selection of the
The security to be released lies solely with us.
(3) The resale of the goods delivered by us under retention of title is only then
expressly allowed if:
a) we expressly consent to the resale to the customer in writing or the
Have sold goods for the purpose of resale.
b) the purchaser is not in his payment obligations towards us
c) the assignment of the claim from the resale of the customer without restriction
is ceded to us. Furthermore, the customer will step up to the fulfillment of all of us
Claims the claims and other arising from the resale
Claims against his customers with all ancillary rights to us. At our request
The customer is obliged to provide us with all information and all documents
to hand over, which are necessary for the assertion of our claims.
(4) When applying for or opening insolvency proceedings or in the event of a breach of contract
Late payment by the customer, we are entitled, but not obliged, to the delivered
To take back goods. This withdrawal does not expressly correspond to one
Withdrawal from the contract if we have not expressly declared this in writing. Becomes
We reserve the right to not return our goods to us
before a usage fee of 5% per started month of delay,
plus the statutory value added tax applicable on the day. It still isn't
excluded the assertion of further damage by us.
(5) In accordance with our retention of title, we are entitled to the returned goods
to be sold privately or auctioned. The withdrawal of the reserved goods
takes place at the proceeds achieved, but at most at the agreed delivery prices.
Further claims for damages, especially lost profits, remain
reserved by jonatura GmbH.
(6) The customer can only exercise a right of retention and right to refuse performance
make if his claims are undisputed or legally established

7. § Warranty rights of the customer in case of defects

(1) The rights of the customer in the event of any defects are based exclusively on the
following provisions. Further claims of the customer are
locked out.
(2) The notices of defects with regard to obvious defects are only within one
Allowed one week after delivery; the deadline calculation applies from the time of delivery
at the customer, whereby the receipt of the written complaint is decisive. For merchants
the statutory provisions of Section 377 of the German Commercial Code also apply
resulting inspection and notification obligations. These deadlines are deadlines.
(3) The goods made from bio-polymer tubes, films and bags
correspond to the “GKV test and assessment clause 2007”, sheet I / II / III, any
Reject rates below 2% are not recognized for complaints. material goods

which is awarded with 1-B goods (colored regrind) may under certain circumstances

Cause discoloration.
(4) Printed or dyed goods are only approximately as samples or templates
are manufactured. Furthermore, no weatherproof colors are used, except
we have expressly confirmed this in writing. A guarantee of non-yellowing
we do not give textiles through the use of our goods.
(5) Unless greater tolerances are claimed for certain products
the supplier reserves a minimum thickness tolerance of 10% for plastic films
expressly before. There is also a tolerance of at least 5% in length and width
however reserved 10 mm. To determine the suitability of our films
We are only liable for packaging purposes if we have expressly assured this in writing
to have. Due to certain properties of polyethylene, some adhesion of the
Hoses, foils or bags occur without material defects, in particular
then when the goods are stored too long in the packaged state or in damp rooms
become. Such an appearance cannot be criticized. When occurring Deviations that are inadequate for the purchaser cannot claim against the
jonatura GmbH.
(6) The customer is responsible for ensuring that the packing samples provided by him,
Information, instructions are suitable and accurate, and that not against the
Property rights of third parties are violated. If this is not the case, the customer has us
to reimburse additional expenses incurred. The ambient temperature for operation
Our machines are at 15 ° C to 38 ° C, and at a humidity of 40% to 80
%. If the above-mentioned climatic conditions at the end customer are not
are present or vary widely, the customer is obliged to inform us of this when placing the order
to inform. For any damage and defects caused by faulty or
we take on incomplete information or specifications of the customer
no liability.
(7) For liability for defects and damage by the customer or third parties (machine acceptance,
Assembly, faulty commissioning) due to negligent maintenance, faulty or
irresponsible operation, as well as excessive or intended
We accept no liability for machine wear. We also speak of the
Liability free, when using unsuitable equipment or wrapping materials, not
reproducible software errors, replacement materials, unsuitable subsoil,
Weather, chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences (e.g.
Current fluctuations), provided these circumstances are not our fault
are due.
(8) In the event of material defects that were justified at the time of transfer of risk in the justified
If we are properly and promptly complained of, we can do so at our discretion
Subsequent performance by eliminating the defect or delivering a defect-free item
against return of the defective delivered item.
(9) The customer is permitted within the framework of the legal regulations
Assert claims for damages if he is fraudulent on our part
was kept silent. Further claims for damages due to defects in the
Delivery items are excluded.
(10) If there is no willful intent against us, any claims for defects by the
Customers after 12 months from the transfer of risk. This
The limitation period applies to all claims, in particular also claims to
Compensation for consequential damage resulting from any defects

8. § Limitation of Liability & Compensation

(1) jonatura GmbH is liable insofar as these general terms and conditions result
nothing else results only for demonstrable intent or gross negligence. We
are particularly not liable for lost profits or other financial losses of the

9. § Place of performance and jurisdiction, applicable law

(1) Basically applies to business and legal relationships - also with
Foreign business - only German law. Place of performance and jurisdiction is
Arnsberg. Place of performance and jurisdiction for all between the parties
disputes arising from the contractual relationship is the seat of jonatura GmbH in

10. § Final provisions for partial nullity

(1) Should one or more provisions in whole or in part in the context of other
Agreements are ineffective, this will invalidate the others
Provisions not affected. Our general terms and conditions apply until
complete handling of the business relationship.

11. § Data protection

(1) Privacy Policy

The use of our site is possible without providing personal data.
For the use of individual services on our site there may be different ones
Regulations result, which are explained separately in this case below. Your
Personal data (e.g. name, address, email, telephone number, etc.) are provided by
processed us only in accordance with the provisions of German data protection law. Data
are personal if they are clearly a specific natural person
can be assigned. You can find the legal basis for data protection in
Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). below
Regulations inform you about the type, scope and purpose of the survey,
the use and processing of personal data by the provider

jonatura GmbH
Daimlerweg 2
D-59519 Möhnesee-Echtrop

We point out that internet-based data transmission has security gaps
seamless protection against access by third parties is therefore impossible.

1. cookies

We use so-called cookies on our website to recognize multiple uses
our offer, by the same user / internet connection owner. Cookies are small
Text files that your Internet browser stores and saves on your computer. You serve
to optimize our website and our offers. These are
mostly by so-called "session cookies", which are deleted after the end of your visit
However, some of these cookies provide information so that they can be automatically returned to you
detect. This recognition is based on the IP address stored in the cookies. The information obtained in this way serves to optimize our offers and
To give you easier access to our site.
You can install cookies by setting your
Prevent browsers; however, we would like to point out that in this case you
may not be able to use all functions of our website to their full extent.

2. Server data

For technical reasons, the following data that your internet browser sends to us or
transmitted to our web space provider, recorded (so-called server log files):
- browser type and version
- Operating system used
- Website from which you visit us (www.jonatura.com)
- The website you are visiting
- Date and time of your access
- Your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

This anonymous data is separated from the data you may provide
personal data is saved and thus does not allow any conclusions to be drawn
certain person too. They are evaluated for our statistical purposes
To optimize our website and our offers.

3. Registration Function

We offer you the opportunity to register on our website.
The data entered are used exclusively for the use of our offer
collected and saved. With your registration on our site we will also be yours
Save the IP address and the date and time of your registration. This serves in
in the event that a third party misuses your data and deals with this data without you
Knowledge registered on our site as security on our part. A disclosure to
There is no third party. A comparison of the data collected in this way with data that may be
are not collected by other components of our site.

4. Newsletter

We offer you the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter on our website. With
In this newsletter we inform you about our offers at regular intervals. Around
To receive our newsletter, you need a valid email address. The
We will check the e-mail address you have entered to see whether you
are actually the owner of the email address provided or their owner is the
Receipt of the newsletter is authorized. With your registration for our newsletter
we will save your IP address and the date and time of your registration.

This serves in the event that a third party misuses your email address and without your
Know our newsletter subscribed, as security on our part. More data will be
not raised on our part. The data collected in this way is only for reference
of our newsletter. It will not be passed on to third parties. A comparison of the like
collected data with data that may be due to other components of our site
are also not raised. You can subscribe to this newsletter
cancel at any time. You can find details on this in the confirmation email as well as anyone
remove individual newsletter.

5. Contact way

We offer you the opportunity on our site to contact us by email and / or via a
Contact form to get in touch. In this case, those made by the user
Information stored for the purpose of processing his contact. A
It will not be passed on to third parties. A comparison of the data collected in this way with data that
may be collected by other components of our site
not either.

6. Use of Google Analytics with anonymization function

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google, on our website
Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA, hereinafter "Google"
on. Google Analytics uses so-called "cookies", text files on your computer
are saved and thereby an analysis of the use of the website by you
The information generated by these cookies, for example time, place and frequency
Your website visit, including your IP address, will be sent to Google in the USA
transferred and saved there.
We use Google Analytics on our website with an IP anonymization function.
In this case, Google will already assign your IP address within the member states of the
European Union or in other contracting states of the Agreement on the
European Economic Area shortened and thereby anonymized.
Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our site,
to compile reports on website activities for us and to use the
To provide website and internet related services. Also
Google may transfer this information to third parties, if required by law
is required or if third parties process this data on behalf of Google.
According to its own information, Google will never use your IP address with other data from
Connect Google. You can install cookies through a
prevent the corresponding setting of your browser software; however, we point this out to you
that in this case you may not be able to use all the functions of our website
can fully use.
Google also offers a deactivation option for the most common browsers,
which gives you more control over which data Google collects and processes

7. Use of Google Maps

We use the component "Google Maps" from Google Inc., 1600 on our website
Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA, hereinafter "Google".
Each time the "Google Maps" component is called, Google places a cookie
to display the page on which the component "Google Maps" is integrated,
Process user settings and data. As a rule, this cookie is not activated
the closing of the browser is deleted, but expires after a certain time, so far
it is not manually deleted by you beforehand.
If you do not consent to this processing of your data, then there is
Possibility to deactivate the service of "Google Maps" and in this way the
Prevent transmission of data to Google. To do this, you must deactivate the Java Script function in your browser. However, we would like to point out that you are in
in this case, the "Google Maps" cannot be used or can only be used to a limited extent.
The use of "Google Maps" and the information obtained via "Google Maps"
is done in accordance with the Google terms of use
as well as the additional terms and conditions for "Google Maps"

8. Use of Instagram and Facebook

We use the Instagram and Facebook service on our website. Instagram is a
Service provided by Instagram Inc. via the integrated "Insta" button on our website
Instagram the information that you have the corresponding page of our website
have called. If you are logged into Instagram, Instagram can visit this
assign our page to your Instagram account and thus link the data. By
Clicking on the "Insta" button will transfer the data saved by Instagram. To
Purpose and scope of data collection, its processing and use as well as yours
related rights and setting options to protect your privacy
For more information, please see the Instagram privacy policy that you are about
Facebook is an internet service of facebook Inc., 1601 S. California
Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. In the EU, this service is in turn operated by Facebook
Ireland Limited 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland, both hereinafter only operated
Called "Facebook".
Through certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield
Facebook guarantees that the EU's data protection requirements also apply when processing
Data adhered to in the U.S.

The legal basis is Article 6 (1) lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in
Quality improvement of our website.
Extensive information about the possible plug-ins and their respective functions
keeps Facebook at https: /developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/
Ready for you.
To prevent Instagram or Facebook from visiting our site
Instagram or Facebook account, you must log in before visiting our
Log out of your Instagram / Facebok account.

9. Use of PayPal as a payment method

If you decide to pay with the online payment service provider PayPal as part of your order process, this will be triggered as part of the
Order your contact details sent to PayPal. PayPal is an offer from PayPal
(Europe) S.à.r.l. & Cie. S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. PayPal
assumes the function of an online payment service provider and a trustee
and offers buyer protection services.
The personal data transmitted to PayPal is mostly
First name, last name, address, telephone number, IP address, email address, or other
Data that are required for order processing, as well as data that are related
are with the order, such as number of items, item number, invoice amount and
Taxes in percent, billing information, etc.
This transmission is for processing your order with the one you selected
Payment type necessary, in particular to confirm your identity, for administration
Your payment and customer relationship.
However, please note: Personal data can also be sent to PayPal
Service providers, subcontractors or other affiliates
be passed on, insofar as this is to fulfill the contractual obligations from your
Order is required or the personal data processed in the order
should be.
Depending on the payment method selected via PayPal, e.g. Invoice or direct debit,
the personal data transmitted to PayPal will be sent to PayPal by
Credit bureaus submitted. This transmission serves the identity and
Credit check in relation to the order you placed. Which credit agencies
this concerns and which data is collected, processed by PayPal in general,
saved and passed on, please refer to the data protection declaration of
PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/de/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

10. Use of immediate transfer as a payment method

If you decide to make a payment with the online payment service provider immediate transfer as part of your order process, the so
triggered order your contact details sent to immediate transfer.
immediate transfer is an offer from SOFORT GmbH, Theresienhöhe 12, 80339
Munich, Germany. immediate transfer takes on the function of an online payment service provider that makes a cashless payment for products and services
enabled on the Internet.
The personal data transmitted to immediate transfer is
mostly by first name, last name, address, telephone number, IP address, email address,
or other data that are required for order processing, as well as data that are in the
The connection with the order is related to the number of articles, article number,
Invoice amount and taxes in percent, invoice information, etc.
This transmission is for processing your order with the one you selected
Payment type necessary, in particular to confirm your identity, for administration
Your payment and customer relationship.
However, please note: Personal data can be transferred by immediate transfer
also to service providers, subcontractors or other affiliated companies
be passed on, insofar as this is to fulfill the contractual obligations from your
Order is required or the personal data processed in the order
should be.
Under certain circumstances, the personal data transmitted to immediate transfer
Data from immediate transfer transmitted to credit reporting agencies. This transmission
is used to check identity and creditworthiness in relation to the order you have placed.
What data protection principles immediate transfer when processing your data
is based on the data protection information that you received during the
Payment transaction from immediate transfer will be displayed.

11. Checking creditworthiness

As far as we give you the basic framework of our range of goods or services
Open the possibility of cash payment by invoice and make use of it,
we reserve the right to obtain credit information from a credit agency. To do this
Your data, insofar as it is relevant to the contract, such as your name and address
hand off.

12. Use of Google Adwords

We also use the Google advertising tool "Google Adwords" to advertise our website.
on. As part of this, we use the analysis service on our website
"Conversion Tracking" from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View,
CA 94043 USA, hereinafter "Google". If you have a Google ad on our
A website is reached, a cookie is placed on your computer. Cookies are small
Text files that your Internet browser stores and saves on your computer. This so-called
"Conversion cookies" lose their validity after 30 days and do not serve yours
personal identification. Visit certain pages of our website and that
Cookie has not yet expired, we and Google can recognize that you as a user
have clicked on one of our ads placed on Google and to our page
were forwarded.

The information obtained using the "conversion cookies" is used by Google to:
Create visit statistics for our website. We learn from these statistics
Total number of users who clicked on our ad and which pages
our website was subsequently accessed by the respective user. We or others
However, advertisers do not receive any information about "Google Adwords" with which
Let users be personally identified.
You can install the "conversion cookies" by making the appropriate setting
Prevent your browser, for example by setting your browser to automatically set
Cookies generally disabled or specifically only cookies from the domain
"Googleadservices.com" blocked.
You can find Google's data protection declaration in the following
Link: https://services.google.com/sitestats/de.html

13. Publication of job advertisements / online job applications

Your application data will be used for the purpose of processing the application process
electronically collected and processed by us. The completion follows on your application
an employment contract, your transmitted data can be used for the purpose of the usual
Organizational and administrative process taking into account the relevant legal
Regulations are stored by us in your personnel file.
The data you have transmitted will be deleted if your data are rejected
Job application automatically two months after notification of rejection. This
does not apply if due to legal requirements (e.g. the obligation to provide evidence
the General Equal Treatment Act) longer storage is necessary or
if you expressly wish to store it in our prospect database for a longer period
have agreed.

14. Disclosure of data to third parties

A transfer of your personal data to third parties other than the following
The purposes listed do not take place.
Insofar as this is according to Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. b GDPR for the processing of
Mandate relationships with you is required, your personal data
Passed on to third parties. This includes in particular the disclosure to opponents of the proceedings and
their representatives (especially their lawyers) as well as for the assertion and
Defending your rights. The data passed on may be from the third party
can only be used for the stated purposes. The lawyer's secret remains
unaffected. As far as it concerns data that are subject to the lawyer's secret
a disclosure to third parties only in consultation with you

15. Rights of data subjects

You have the right:

• According to Art. 7 Para. 3 GDPR, you have given us your consent at any time
revoked. As a result, we are processing data based on this consent
rests, not allowed to continue for the future;
• In accordance with Art. 15 GDPR, information about your personal data processed by us
To request data. In particular, you can obtain information about the processing purposes that
Category of recipients to whom your data has been or will be disclosed, the
planned storage period, the existence of a right to correction, deletion,
Restriction of processing or contradiction, the existence of one
Right to lodge a complaint, the origin of your data, unless it was collected by us.
• according to Art. 16 GDPR, the correction of incorrect or complete information without delay
To request your personal data stored by us;
• according to Art. 17 GDPR, the deletion of your personal data stored by us
To request data, unless the processing to exercise the right to free
Freedom of expression and information to fulfill a legal obligation
For reasons of public interest or for the establishment, exercise or
Defense from legal claims is required;

• restriction of the processing of your personal data in accordance with Art. 18 GDPR
To request data insofar as you dispute the accuracy of the data, the
Processing is unlawful, but you refuse to delete it and we do not
more, but you need them to assert, exercise or defend
You need legal claims or you object to the
• according to Art. 20 GDPR, your personal data that you have provided to us,
available in a structured, common and machine-readable format or the
To request transmission to another controller and
• to complain to a supervisory authority in accordance with Art. 77 GDPR. Usually
you can contact the supervisory authority of your usual place of residence or
The workplace.

16. Right to object

If your personal data is based on legitimate interests

Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f GDPR, you have the right, in accordance with Art. 21
To object to the processing of your personal data,
if there are reasons for this that arise from your particular situation.
If you would like to make use of your objection, an email is sufficient

18. Contact data protection officer

You can reach our "data protection officer" by e-mail or by phone at:
Tel .: +49 (0) 2924/4250060
Mail: info@jonatura.com

12. § Disposal

(1) The 5th amendment to the Packaging Ordinance has been in force since January 2009. at
Purchasing goods through us, jonatura GmbH will not charge any fees (license fees) to one
Drain dual system automatically. We therefore assume:
1. That you transfer your goods yourself to a dual system
(e.g. Zentek, licensing possible at www.schroeder-folien.de), or
2. That you ensure proper disposal.
As of May 25, 2018
Subject to changes!

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